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Dysgeusia treatment

The dysgeusia is the disorder in which the person loses the taste of the tongue and so there is no interest left in eating the food as it gives any taste on the tongue. There are several causes for the dysgeusia such as the smoking, burning of mouth, oral infection, etc. all these causes the dysgeusia and so there is the necessity to take the proper treatment for dysgeusia. The treatment also depends on the type of the cause; if it is due to the burning of the tongue if you eat hot food then you need to take the anti burning medicines and then this can again help to gain the taste. These medicines are also given by the doctors and thus the identification is very imperative.

The home remedy for dysgeusia is to apply the oil on tongue as soon as it burns, but if the cause is different then it can be the severe situation and so there is need of the doctor only, but if there is the damage observed of the irreversible nerve then the treatment cannot be given. This is the most critical situation and so you have to be very careful and this is how to get rid of dysgeusia or taste disorder. You can also avoid eating the hot food and avoid the consumption of the tobacco which can help you to get rid of all the problems regarding the taste. You can also make use of the web sites and get the proper knowledge.

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