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Home remedies to cure gangrene

Natural treatments can heal all the problems those are liable for wounding blood circulation to the exaggerated part of the body causing gangrene. Typically, it is not originated from any infections. It is a shortage of oxygenated blood in the parts of the body which grounds demise of tissues. It is the primary reason of dry gangrene.

Binding piece of onion on the affected part assists for better blood supply and it avoid infections too. This was an older home remedy for gangrene. List of home remedies for gangrene is described beneath:

  • Get one hygienic cloth and rinse it inside the boiled water. Twist it so that water goes out of it. Fall 15 to 20 drops of tincture horsetail on that cloth. Bind that cloth to the infected area.
  • Arnica ointment or else calendula are also useful for how to cure gangrene? This ointment maximizes the speed of recovery.
  • Oak tree woof can be taken for cleaning and to apply wet squeeze to cure the infected area.
  • Cayenne pepper cream is also used in the treatments for gangrene.
  • If any bleeding and there is pus structure then clean this region by hydrogen peroxide for minimum three times within a day.
  • Take the help of Vitamin A, C or E, if you want to restore to health from gangrene.
  • Maximize the intake of fruit juices and green vegetables. Take plenty of water it is much vital to heal gangrene.

With the help of above home remedies for gangrene you will get how to get rid from the gangrene.

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