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How to get rid of bed sores?

Bed sore is one of the most dangerous diseases and this can be fatal also. But still there is solution to every problem and thus you also have the various medicines which would help to cure the bed sore. It is most commonly occurring due to the humidity of the body and due to the friction of the body with the bed. As there is advancement in the field of medicine you can now get rid of bed sores and this would be one of the best results in your life. For getting away from the bed sores, you should first consult to the doctor who has the proper knowledge about it. Later on don’t ever miss the medicine suggested by the doctor and continue it till the given time.

Allow your bed sores to get dry and also avoid sleeping on the same side where you had got the bed sore. This is the care you should take. If it is in early stage then you can make use of the herbs such as the azadirachta indica (neem) which would kill the germs and you can get rid of it. This is how you can get rid of the bed sores in early stage but if it is severe you surely need to cure it with the help of the doctors and also you can apply the medicated powders which would help to cure the bed sores. The other thing you should do is avoid sleeping on the bed which would generate m ore heat and make your body humid and also which is rough.

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