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How to get rid of gonorrhea

The gonorrhea is the disease which is transmitted through any type of the sex; the infection can even spread through the physical contact such as by mouth, anus, penis or the vagina. The cause of the disease is multiple partner sex and also the sex without condoms in men which can be passed on to the other partners too. The bacteria usually grows in the moist and warm condition and so it can grow in the eyes, urinary tract, etc. the symptoms of the gonorrhea different in men and women.

Symptoms in women: the women suffering from gonorrhea are such as fever, abdominal pain, throat problems, pain and burning sensation while urinating, etc.

Symptoms in men: the men having gonorrhea show symptoms such as swollen testes, swollen and red opening penis, burning with pain while urination and frequent urination, yellow, white and green color discharge from penis.

Hence you need to go for the proper treatment of gonorrhea and for that you need to take the proper measures to prevent yourself from the gonorrhea and also avoid spreading of the disease. The very first prevention of gonorrhea is to avoid multiple partner sex and also must take the precautions. The other treatment is to intake the antibiotics which can avoid the gonorrhea. The home remedy for gonorrhea is that to intake the garlic in your food and make sure that you are eating the diet which is filled with nutrition and this can prevent as it can increase your body immunity.

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