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Natural treatment for heavy vaginal bleeding

The heavy vaginal bleeding is such a situation in which a female faces a problem of excess bleeding during the menstrual cycle. This also sometimes occurs in the postmenstrual period or the post menstrual cycle, and then it becomes the abnormal bleeding along with the excess bleeding from the vagina. The heavy bleeding is characterized by the severe abdominal pain and also headache, fatigue and mild fever. Thus there are some home remedies for heavy vaginal bleeding which are very effective and so you can follow them.

  • The very first thing you can perform is that you can boil 6 to 7 grams of coriander seeds and in the half liter of water, then as the water is boiling and so you need to remove the seeds and then drink the water.
  • The other treatment for heavy vaginal bleeding is that you can even take one cup of curd and add some flowers of banana and this would help you to overcome such a problem.
  • The alternative treatment is that you can also make use of the mango bark, you can boil the mango bark extract in some quantity of water and then later drink it and this could help to reduce the heavy vaginal bleeding. This is how to cure heavy vaginal bleeding.
  • The Indian barberry can also be the best natural treatment for heavy vaginal bleeding and so you can cure it easily with the help of this herb.

These are some of the effective treatments which can work and help to cure such heavy vaginal bleeding.

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